Gladi Nalar Sessions in UPSI & UiTM Malaysia


25 - 26 APRIL 2019



Learning in a magister program is a process of maturing the knowledge to keep growing and developing in the changing era. The elaboration, exploration, and application of the knowledge is a part of methods to signify the development of knowledge and science. In ISBI Bandung Postgraduate Program, the indicator of the quality of the knowledge is one of them explored through Gladi Nalar. Gladi Nalar is the name for collaboration program of ISBI Bandung Postgraduate Program with some universities in the last four years. This program is for the second semester of Postgraduate students for preparing them to share their researh ideas in a scientific atmosphere, either nationally or intenationally. Besides, this is also as “Silaturahmi and Wisata Ilmiah” to strengthening the academic and cultural bond among the students.



Moreover, Gladi Nalar program is the media of ISBI Bandung Postgraduate program to enhance the relationship and the mapping of academic position among other Postgraduate schools. The lecturers coming with the second semester students take role as the reviewers of the presenter students together with the lecturers from the universities visited. The sessions to Malaysia are represented by  Dr. Yanti Heriyawati, Dr Ismet Ruchimat, Dr. Dinda Satya U. B., and Afri Wita, S. Pd., M.A as well as accompanied by Dede Priana, S.Sn., M.Si.


Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris  (UPSI) and Universiti Teknologi Mara  (UiTM) Malaysia are our fourth year visit for Gladi Nalar. The first one was to Gadjah Mada University and Institut Seni Indonesia in Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. The second year we came to Bali, Indonesia to Udayana University and Institut Seni Indonesia Denpasar. Last year was our third year visit for Gladi Nalar program. We came to Andalas University and Institut Seni Indonesia Padang Panjang. In this fourth year Gladi Nalar is trying to colaborate with International Institution, with UPSI and UiTM.


In the two Gladi Nalar sessions in UPSI and UiTM, there are nine paper presenters from ISBI Bandung. They are, Ilham Pamuji focusing on music composition with mathematic method. The second one is Shauma Silmi discussing about documentary photography of “Surabi” through EDFAT method. The third one is Alief Suardi analyzing about Triadic Wayang Sukuraga. The fourth presenter is Mohamad Wail showing how his hometown people inspire him to produce a theatre work. The next is Dea Nugraha analysing about the symbols of Kawitan Dance. Herfan Rusando shows the discourse of human interest photography in a photographer community. Meanwhile A.K Patra Suwanda explores the design of characters and landscape on Wiracarita Batara Kamasara. Dewi Mustikasari analyze the image of coastal woman on Tenun Gedogan. The last but not least, Siti Hani Rohaeni reveals the aesthetics of Rasjati Dance.


Comprehensively, Gladi Nalar program is for sharing ideas, experience and academic activities related to art and culture to promote academic atmosphere. Thus, we will not be strangers in the discourse of the research development in related fields and academic activities in other institutions. Hopefully the academic partnership built through Gladi Nalar program will be sustainable and followed up with some other scientific and cultural activities. Quoting Pantun Melayu  Merantau kesibu berjumpa kawan, Pantun dipadu terjawap sopan, Walau bertemu hanya di awan, Namun rindu tetap tersimpan.









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